Guest Post by Shawn Patterson, @40foothousedriver

Well, here it is folks, the next chapter in our life adventure!  The truck and trailer are going up for sale and we are going to be in an apartment in Tulsa Oklahoma for the next year or so! No, this doesn’t mean we won’t be doing some traveling, just in a different way. Read on for the explanation.

As some of you may remember, we were accepted into the Tulsa Remote program back in early 2020 and had planned on putting the rig in storage for a year to do some “Urban Living” in a high-rise apartment close to downtown Tulsa. As it was for many others, our plans were derailed by COVID.  We didn’t want to be stuck in an apartment under lockdown in a big city, so we explained our situation to the Tulsa Remote team and took a step back.

Fast forward to today, and for several reasons we have decided to re-engage in the Tulsa Remote program, but with a twist. As I said, we will be selling the truck and trailer, but over the next year or so will be traveling to various places in the country with the Jeep and a small cargo trailer to decide where we want to live. Maybe it will be Tulsa, maybe Rapid City South Dakota, maybe Paducah Kentucky, maybe just about anywhere…  The country is our oyster so to speak. 😉 

Once we decide on a location, we will be looking to buy or possibly even build a home depending on the market at that time.  From this home base we will then be traveling anywhere from 3 to 6 months (more or less) per year by just taking the Jeep and the cargo trailer to whatever location we choose and staying in an AirBNB/VRBO for a month or two or three.

This decision is a bit bittersweet to be honest. We are both looking forward to having some room to spread out, but will miss the RV lifestyle and the opportunity that it has brought to us to meet some amazing new friends everywhere we have gone. We are hoping that some of this will be replaced by the opportunity to be involved in our community and hopefully making new friends in the area though. Everything is a compromise of course and after almost six years of being on the road full-time we are ready for a change.

We’ll be keeping you all up to date as this all progresses, but we are hoping to be settled in Tulsa sometime in July as things stand now.