40 Foot House

Experiences and thoughts while traveling the U.S.A. in a 40-ft. trailer

About Us

This page is a work in progress.  It’s hard to concentrate clearly when your husband is working on major plumbing projects and your entire household is just under 300 square feet! 

Who Are We

Our little family consists of Shawn, Andrea (your author), and our dog Elvis. Shawn is an IT Manager for a computer hosting company back in Michigan. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Elvis is working on becoming an Instagram star.

Our current 5th wheel is a 43’ 2016 DRV Mobile Suites Atlanta, pulled by a Volvo 730 heavy duty truck. (This sometimes complicates our travel plans as we don’t fit into a lot of older or state/national park campgrounds). A video tour is forthcoming!

Backing into our site at the 2017 East Coast HT Rally in Deer Run.

In addition to the truck and trailer, I drive a small Nissan Juke as our daily driver. We hope to replace the Juke with a Jeep sometime in the next year, once I start bringing in a solid income.

I enjoy reading, writing, hiking with Elvis, kayaking, nature watching, exploring museums and architecture, and discovering new and interesting people and places.


Why We RV (Short Version) 

In late 2015, we were still living on the border of Detroit and watching the neighborhood go downhill. We decided to build a new house in lovely Boise, Idaho. We’d spent a week in the area that summer touring dozens of neighborhoods, subdivisions, and builder’s models. Plans were moving on apace to fly back to Boise in the summer of 2016 to sign papers and put down a deposit on a semi-custom home on the north side. Then in April 2016, our good friend Jay was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

That discovery set us back emotionally. We questioned why we were trading in one upside-down mortgage for an even larger one. We already owned a 5th wheel that we’d used for short camping trips, and RVing across the country was our retirement dream. Instead of putting the travel off until retirement, we opted to do as much traveling as we can while we are in relatively good health. Fortunately, Shawn’s employer had already given him the green light to work from Boise, so it was easy to turn that around and be permitted to work from any geographical location.

We took a leap of faith and left our ancestral home of Michigan on Christmas Eve, 2016.

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