I have been remiss in not finishing this story. It has a happy ending!

My friend Deborah B. reached out to me as soon as the last wedding dress blog was posted. Deborah donates her time and talent to a local charity called Angels Above, which repurposes weddings dresses and fancy gowns into layettes for children who die very young.

Angels Above meets regularly in Westland, which is a short drive from our place in Redford. I was able to donate my dress the following Wednesday, and I’m fairly certain that it’s already been converted into some beautiful baby dresses like these.

If, like me, you’d like to see your formal attire reused to bring comfort to a grieving family, I highly recommend getting in touch with Dawn Lafferty. There’s no requirement to dry clean the gown, but it does save the group money if you can do so.

If you’d just like to support the cause, they accept donations via PayPal. Keep in mind they are not a 501(c)3 organization, so although you should feel all warm and fuzzy inside, you won’t get a tax deduction. If giving cash leaves you cold, they also have a Wish List on Amazon.

Be blessed.