Our original date to be on the road in this new adventure was Nov. 1. We wanted to be on our way south before the weather got too cold. It’s now Nov. 11, and our target date has shifted to Dec. 3 or 10. Hopefully. Good thing I didn’t pack away my many hoodies.

What’s keeping us here? A few projects left to get the house really ready for market; intensive daily chiropractic care for me; trailer projects (most notably, the new refrigerator is not working properly, so we’ll need to buy and install ANOTHER one); and still continuing to get rid of STUFF. Yep, stuff is still holding us back.

This weekend is our “man sale” where Shawn will part with 90% of his tools and toys. It’s been a more arduous process than the estate sale, really, mostly because it’s difficult to predict just what tools he/we will need both in the next few weeks as we finish projects, and long-term in the truck & trailer. Come to think of it, that number might not be as much as 90%….

Anything left after the sale will either get put to the curb with a “FREE” sign, or taken to the tool consignment shop in Canton.

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Early next week, a ton of stuff has to leave the house, destined for charity, resale, trash, or trailer. We’ll be taking photos on Tuesday for the real estate listing, so as much stuff as possible needs to leave the house so that I can wash walls and mop floors.

As I write this I realize that the situation is by no means dire, it just feels that way. I’m tired, sore, and stressed all the time, which I’m sure is impeding my spinal recovery. Shawn’s job has been very stressful and required some long hours lately. We ARE making strides, they are just shorter than I would have liked. I need to focus on the positive:

  • We sold the F250 and can put the income toward the Volvo payment
  • Folks have put a deposit on the bedroom furniture
  • My aunt has offered to give us a significant discount on the real estate fees and will take charge of that process
  • The weather has been uncharacteristically pleasant
  • Based on recent sales, the house should sell for more than we owe
  • We have friends who often check in to see how it’s going, and post encouraging notes on Facebook 🙂

Wish us luck that we are outta here before the snow really flies!


Alternative post title: “WhineWhineWhine”