I’ve been a volunteer and supporter of Waggin’ Tails Dog Rescue for about 10 years now, since shortly after its inception. During that time I’ve personally fostered a dozen dogs, participated in dozens of events, spent about 100 hours at poker tournaments, and addressed about a thousand envelopes like these.

These envelopes might look familiar. You’ve probably received a few similar ones in your mailbox already this month, as many charities give a final “push” to loyal supporters at the end of the year. The holidays put people in a giving mood, and it’s the last opportunity to receive a tax deduction for the year, so they’re pretty effective.

Giving to large national charities is wonderful, as they have economies of scale and expert knowledge in how to spend those monies effectively.

But do consider your local charities as well. They have great insight into what the local populace really need, and the networking abilities to get the money where it can do the most impact in a short time frame. And smaller charities like Waggin’ Tails have no paid staff; all of the money is invested in the animals in their care.

For me, it’s about the personal connection. I’ve seen firsthand the joy that a newly adopted dog can give to its family. And the relief that a single mom feels when she can feed her family for two weeks from the food handed out at the local food bank.

Which other local charities would you recommend? I’m giving you a soapbox! Post a link below so that others can learn about their mission and perhaps make a life-changing donation as well.

No gift is too small, and every gift is appreciated.

Merry Christmas friends! 

Read more about Diamond and other adoptable dogs at http://waggintailsdogrescue.com.