Is it blue/black? or is it gold/white?

Just kidding. THIS fashion statement is solidly blue and black, and was worn by two generations of my family. I just hauled it out of the closet in the spare bedroom, as I prepare to donate the last of my suit jackets.

This jacket is older than I am. Somewhere in the family archives we have photographs of my dad wearing this suit to my aunt’s wedding in 1973, just 2 months before I was born.  I pinned shut the overlarge vent in the back and rolled up the sleeves — it was the 80s, you know. I did not attempt to wear the pants.

I probably starting wearing this when I began participating in musical theatre at Adlai E. Stevenson High School. Getting involved with the theatre group was the best thing that could have happened to this shy, bookish kid.

The camaraderie was terrific. We worked hard but also shared a lot of laughs, and some heartache. I spent more time behind the scenes working on sets or stage manager than on stage, but that didn’t matter.

I have many many fond memories of those few years, and the people I shared them with. Based on that feeling of inclusiveness and sheer joy of the show, I went on to major in theatre at Alma College. But that’s another story. Unfortunately I’ve lost touch with all of these folks but one (Hi Erin!) 

The jacket’s got to go now. There’s only a single small closet in the RV, and no room for a piece of clothing I haven’t even taken out of the closet in years. I’m happy to share this connection to my dad, and it triggered enough memories that think I might have to poke around on Facebook a little bit. (I did keep Dad’s pinky ring, which hasn’t even fit on MY pinky finger for a decade.)  

Geez, this wasn’t supposed to be so maudlin! Lest you get the wrong idea, Dad is still alive and well, and I saw him just two weeks ago. Seriously, jacket = good memories. End of story. Whew. G’night Gracie.