So this guy was wandering around the local park when we arrived today for a game of fetch.


He was friendly and hungry, gobbling treats from my hands and nibbling my fingers. No collar, very thin. Was he dumped? Or just allowed to roam?

I was not prepared for the apparent attitude toward pets in the San Antonio area. Dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes wander freely, at least in the outer neighborhoods we’ve traveled. I lost count of the number of canines and felines I’ve seen on the streets — both alive and deceased — just in the first two weeks.

Back in Michigan, between Shawn and I, we caught a stray dog, on average, every 2 months. Some were returned to owner, some were turned in to authorities. And we fostered nearly 20 dogs in our home over the years – three of whom we kept as our own pets. Yes, we are “foster failures,” and proud of it.

Every single dog or cat I spy darting across the road, digging through the trash, or lounging in a public space worries me a great deal. But living as we do now, I don’t have the contacts or the space to pick up strays. I’ve also been warned by locals that folks don’t take kindly to interference in these matters.

So I’m trying to deliberately turn my head so I don’t turn into a sniveling weepy mess or a self-righteous wrathful banshee.

The shepherd was picked up by the Castroville police before we left the park. I truly hope he finds a good home that will feed him and keep him safe.


Our current baby boy, Elvis, is a master at the “pathetic” look. But he’s safe, warm, and fed. Plus there are toys!