You have no idea how happy this sign makes me.


When we lived in a S&B (“sticks and bricks”) house, I was so proud that we generated only 1 13-gallon bag of waste each week while the recycling bin was often overflowing.

Since we started traveling full-time and lost our curbside recycling capability, we are generating a full 13-gallon trash bag roughly every 3 days. And, it stinks quicker because all of our food waste has to go into the garbage can as we do not have garbage disposals in RVs. Yuck.

Mama is not happy about all this waste! Anyone who has known me for a while knows I re-use stuff as much as possible, from buying used clothing to re-using plastic bags. All that garbage really adds up, and the planet is suffering.


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The two campgrounds we stayed in for the 8 weeks we were in the San Antonio area did not provide recycling options. I checked around on San Antonio’s public works web pages and could not find a center that we could haul our recycling to, either. It pains me every time I throw a tin can, paper, or plastic bottle (WHY do they not have a deposit fee here to cut down on trash??) in the garbage. I just imagine those heaping “Mount Trashmores” getting higher and higher with all our unwanted crap.

But wait! Our current marvelous RV park west of Austin proper DOES have a recycling bin! I cracked a smile from ear to ear when I saw the lovely little circular arrows icon on the campground map. And marvel of all marvels, it’s a single stream which means no sorting and separating of cardboard from plastic from glass. Schwing!

Small potatoes to most people, but it made me like this campground even more. We’re on the wait list for the next two winters.