Another rainy day led us to indoor pursuits. No, not that kind.

The Crossville Model Railroad Club maintains a great (FREE!) exhibit covering several gauges of model railroad.

From the web site: “The display contains over 4,000 Sq. Ft. of fully sceniced model railroad operations in 5 operating scales (‘G’, ‘O’, HO’, ‘N’, and ‘Z’).”

G is teeny tiny, and Z is the largest, which allows for the most detail but also requires much more room to lay the track. More than half the space was given over to a massive display using HO, which is the most common-sized hobby train and was popularized by Lionel.

There are at least a dozen model trains running at any one time. 90% of the exhibits represent the Crossville area. There are lots of amazing, almost hidden dioramas of daily life from the last 5 decades. We spent over an hour walking through and examining every last detail and taking dozens of snapshots.

See how much detail you can pick out from these images. And if you are ever in the area, stop in! and leave a donation in the bucket.

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