Just finished reading an excellent post by Lindsay McKenzie, titled “Our First 3 Weeks of Full-Time RVing: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!”

Better than I could, she describes the ups and downs of living in a house-on-wheels, sharing your joys and calamities (and limited space!) with a spouse.

Our own 5 months thus far has been very similar — minus the beautiful vistas (but we’re getting there)! Give it a read and you’ll have a good sense of all of the experiences and emotions we’ve been going through as well.

Oh – this post is actually hosted on the blog of another popular RVing couple, Heath & Alyssa Padgett. They organized and hosted the RV Entrepreneur Summit that I attended in February. These young people are movers and shakers in the RV blogosphere, with a focus on working from an RV. You should 100% follow them if you’re interested in the RV lifestyle.

Lindsay blogs at Follow Your Detour