Well, since I mentioned in my last post that I read a lot of blogs, I thought it might be a logical next step to give credit to a few of those folks.

This is by no means a list of all the bloggers I follow — there are literally hundreds that I have bookmarked. These are just the ones that came to mind as I wrote this post because they consistently turn out great content.

Most of these are travel bloggers, as that’s been my focus in life for the past 18 months. They do not have thousands of followers, or make a living from their blogs. Just honest, thoughtful, articulate writers that I hope to meet some day. Take a look. Remember, if you’d like to be notified when a blogger releases a new post, click the subscribe button.

In no particular order….

  • Teresa @ Wandering Porcupine. Teresa has the writing style I’d most like to emulate – an expansive vocabulary and cutting wit that she does not hesitate to use on the rude and unsuspecting. Teresa writes on a variety of topics, including their current preparations to sell their house and start living the full-time RV life.
  • Peter @ Life Unscripted. Peter’s writing is a combination of philosophy and practicality on a huge wide-ranging variety of topics. Peter and his wife spent several years full-timing in an RV, but have recently returned to suburban life in Wisconsin.
  • Tracy (and sometimes Lee), Camper Chronicles. This former executive couple have been a full-time RVers for 3+ years now. Tracy’s honesty and willingness to share all the details of their life, including the financial picture, have made them a great resource for anyone considering workamping. She also paints terrific pictures (accompanied with photos) of the places they stay and travel.
  • Dawn, Random Bits of Trial and Error. Dawn has the kindest heart I know (well, aside from my Mom). She chronicles their travels in a Class A while husband Mike takes more of a visual approach with a vlog.
  • Laura, Chapter 3 Travels. Laura and Kevin have a similar outlook on life that I do, in terms of preferring a mix of nature and creature comforts. Laura drafts well-researched, detailed reviews of the places they’ve traveled and the excursions they take.
  • Pamela, AstroGypsies. Pamela takes amazing scenic and wildlife photos to accompany her blog. Centered in the southwest, Pamela and her husband travel extensively and share their love of astronomy — and some really powerful telescopes! — with those they meet in their travels.
  • Victoria, Heart of the Journey. Victoria is a former coworker who writes with a passion about the lessons Christ is teaching her as she travels the country with her husband. They live full-time in their Volvo 780 semi truck and haul Broadway musicals sets across the country — how cool is that?!
  • Candy, Running with the Roses. Most of Candy’s posts are centered on mental health issues – the good, the bad, and the ugly. The love and support that she and her husband Jeremy have for each other comes through in every post.
  • Ingrid, of Live Laugh RV. Another amazing professional photographer, Ingrid and her husband are on their fifth year of full-timing, and she hasn’t run out of subjects for her photographs or blog yet!

What about you? Please add your suggestions below!


A side note on blog format

All of the blogs currently listed here use WordPress, which has some distinct advantages to me (and you) as a reader. As a reader/subscriber, here’s the biggest advantage: instead of receiving individual emails when each blog post is published — which can get lost in the sheer volume of messages in my inbox! — I view these blogs at any time in the free WordPress reader.

Posts are shown in reverse chronological order so I can scroll back through the last 24 hours (or however long it’s been since I logged in) to read the posts. If I just want to catch up with a particular blogger, the left-hand column lets me quickly see the blogs I follow, or discover new ones that match my interests. You can even build lists if you want to segment them.


If you’re following more than a few WordPress blogs, give it a try.