Oh my goodness.

I thought this would be easy.

We don’t collect anything. I don’t have lots of trinkets or decorative stuff around the house. How difficult could it be to dispose of the possessions of two adults with no kids? At first I shrugged my shoulders and said, Hey, give me a month and we’ll be good to go! Two months later and we’ve only made a dent.

When you realize that half the square footage of our 1650-sq.-foot-house-with-full-basement is used for storage, not living space, the picture starts to come into focus.

Every day, it seems, someone is coming by to pick up a purchase, or I’m loading my car with possessions to sell to coworkers. We took a truckload of clothing to GoodWill last weekend. We’ve made serious inroads in the closets and storage room, and various furniture pieces are spoken for, even if they haven’t left the house. But there’s just.so.much –!  It’s kind of overwhelming.

I was all set to hire an estate agent to come in and sell off everything. We may still go that route for the 60% of stuff that’s not selling to friends and family. The though of sorting, pricing, and monitoring a 3-day sale makes me cringe.

The worst part is the shuffling of stuff from room to room. We sold the bookcase, so all of the books need to be packed up into boxes. Then we sold the storage shelf, so all of those items ended up on the floor in the spare bedroom. Any efficiency expert will tell you that handling things twice is a waste of time and energy. And I have little enough of both of those these days.

I’m excited for the future. I’m thrilled that our 350-sq.-foot house on wheels will be for LIVING IN, not just storing stuff. And I’m looking forward to filling my time with new friendships, volunteering, long walks, exploring, and relaxing with my husband and best friend.

Oh, and the little dog, too.  He gets to keep at least 3 bins of possessions; lucky little devil.