I rarely use my imagination any more. Some of it has evaporated along with brain cells. Some of it was beaten out of me during my corporate phase.

Tangent – I never had all that much imagination, really. My mother might remember differently, but I think that’s a major part of the reason why I love to read: the storyline is right in front of me. It’s a paint-by-numbers exercise to populate a world and characters written by the author.

Anyway, I’ve been challenging Shawn to think about this this new lifestyle will play out for us. What will a normal day look like for us? I’m going to take a guess, and see in a year or so how accurate my vision is.

On most days, I will be up before Shawn. I’ll likely get dressed (sloppy) and take Elvis for his morning constitutional. Back to the trailer to shower & make a simple breakfast of cereal or yogurt & fruit. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I’ll be able to enjoy it outside with a book or Facebook.

Shawn will be working full-time out of the trailer. And until we have a toy hauler with a separate office, I need to avoid interrupting him as much as possible and amuse myself. So most days, I hope to pack up the Elvis and a backpack and go exploring. Parks, markets, used book stores, historical markers, museums — I want to see it all!

There’s also a chance that I’ll have contract work to do on the computer, or might be working part-time for a campground. I also hope to find volunteer opportunities for 6-8 hours a week. There’s also a fair bit of work involved in mapping out our travel itinerary to the next destination — more on that in a future post.

Once a week I’ll make a trip to the laundromat with my book for an hour or so.

Pick up a few groceries and a main protein for the evening meal on the way home, and make a simple dinner if it’s not already ready in the crockpot. Post-dinner, hopefully we’ll have a campfire and chat with other campers, or go explore the area in which we are living.

Some weekends will be spent together, exploring the area and having FUN. Others will be spent driving to our next destination, or sometimes just hanging out and watching movies. Sure there will still be chores, such as tackling some of the organizational / storage challenges that we will face living in a tiny home and mechanical issues that Shawn will tackle.

I am thrilled to pieces that this new lifestyle should afford us a more laid-back lifestyle. With less emphasis on acquiring and managing STUFF because there’s simply no room for it, we will be able to make more memories and (re)connect with friends and family.

And cleaning up will take, like, half an hour. You can’t beat that.  😉