The very first question we typically get asked when we describe our plans to live full-time in the RV is “Where are you going?” My typical answer: “Everywhere!” Seriously, I hope we manage to take the RV to all the states on the continent.

But we’re not in a rush. Our plan is more along the lines of a 10-year marathon, not a sprint. We’ll move at a somewhat leisurely pace, tackling one region at a time and moving every month or two. Or three, depending on how much we enjoy it and how much there is to see/do. Shawn is still working full-time, and I hope to find some part-time work, so exploring will be relegated to weekends and the occasional evening.

San Antonio is our first stop as we chase the sun during the winter months. From there we will head into Tennessee for another HDT Rally in April. At some point we need to spend a month in Pennington County, South Dakota, to obtain our CPLs.

And of course we want to come back to Michigan a time or two each year to visit with friends and family and hopefully do some of those “touristy” things we’ve never taken the time to do. We’ll head back south as the weather turns colder.

The actual order of events is very fluid and dynamic, giving me a sense of freedom I’ve never had before.

I need recommendations!

Where have you traveled that you absolutely loved? What destinations are on your bucket list, and why? What should we be sure to see/eat/ride/do as we explore this magnificent country? Please, leave a note below with your suggestions.

Any and all input is welcomed; thank you! I’ll send postcards or other goodies from our stops based on your recommendation.