So. Last in my chronological narrative, we’d left Detroit, spent a week in (West) Memphis, and arrived in southeastern San Antonio at the Green Lake RV Resort.

It’s a good location, only 3 miles from a local park to run Elvis and play ball; 10 minutes to the HEB grocery store and other retail; and about 15 minutes to downtown.


For anyone who’d like a look at the campground, check out this YouTube video from blogging couple John and Laura Hebard.  It’s not the same campground — they’re in Houston — but the seven Quality RV Resorts appear to be built exactly alike. Skip to the :45 mark for the video tour.

The campground seems to be hosting a mix of people who work full-time in the area and stay for months at a time (like us) or travelers who stay for 3-6 days then move on. It’s a pretty quiet resort, with few children but quite a few pets. Folks are friendly and the amenities are nice. Laundry is a bit pricey, and the weather hasn’t really cooperated to use the pool. Yet.

Speaking of weather — holy cow! While I’m really happy not to be in Michigan with the ice and snow and colder temperatures, we have not had typical San Antonio winter weather!

The average for this time of year is 70, the ideal that we’re seeking. But we’ve had many more days of gloom and rain than of sun, and two 2-3 day periods where the weather was in the 30s. The park even shut off the water for 2 nights as the temperature dipped down into the 20s overnight!

Thankfully we prepared properly by having propane on hand, and using our space heater to supplement. And we had our jackets and layers and long pants. This weekend looks to be beautiful, if the forecast stays true.

Ok, hope that sets the stage.

Our stay here has been pleasant and uneventful. For the first week, we spent most evenings sorting through stuff and debating whether or not we needed 6 laptop power cords (NO) or 3 fans (apparently, yes). The last month in Detroit had been so harried that we threw a lot of stuff into bins without really sorting through the contents. Then those bins were on the couch, shoved under the dining table, in the aisleway of the trailer, and in every cabinet and corner.

We re-organized the stuff we were keeping. I took a car full of donations to the local Goodwill, a couple of bins got stashed in the Volvo, and a few bags went to the dumpster. We purchased 2 small cabinets to supplement the cabinets already in the rig. Here’s what the main living space looks like now:

Sorry for the blurry panoramic and the dirty dishes in the sink. There’s only one bin left (of food, so it will get used up) under the table. I have plans in the works to further reduce the clutter. 
Sorting all of the bath items into smaller bins so they actually fit in these dangity ridiculous cupboards.

My main complaint now is that we need a new couch. Under the sheet slipcover is the original couch that came with the rig in 2011. It’s nice in that it has a queen-size air bed built in, and a storage drawer underneath. But I can’t use the airbed with the other furniture we have in the space, and it’s just not comfortable! We don’t want to spend much money as we hope to have a new trailer before long, but I’m hoping we can find something that will fit the space and our budget.

As to our routine, Shawn spends all day in front of the computer, working. Usually on conference calls, email and chat all at the same time.

I spend a lot of time on my laptop, too, researching things to do here, and where to go next. I take Elvis for walks, read a lot, and handle the domestic chores.

When the weather cooperates, I explore a bit. In my next post I’ll share some of the attractions I’ve visited thus far.

Next up: formulating a 2-year plan for my  end goal of getting paid for writing grants. If you’ve got any contacts in the field, I’d appreciate an introduction!