I used quotation marks in the title because I don’t feel like a Blogger with a Capital B yet. Technically, I suppose anyone who creates and maintains a blog is a blogger. In my mind, though, a Blogger has a certain number of followers, a certain influence and reputation among the literati.

I’m not certain my aspirations are that big. But I do get a thrill, I tell ya, out of every “Like,” every “Follow,” and certainly every comment on the blog. (Please, feed my feeble ego and keep ’em coming!)

Y’see, I spent most of my corporate career as a communications strategist. We worked to understand the business need and develop the best mix of communications tactics to achieve specific objectives. As much as we interfaced with client teams and production staff, really, we were behind the scenes.

My writing was limited primarily to plans and reports. Metrics mattered more than prose, and it was rare that my name appeared as a byline in a company publication. (We had responsibility, but not visibility. Accountability, but no authority. Yeah, not going back there. Nuh-uh.) 

So, yeah, it’s thrilling to me that I can use a keyboard to bring my thoughts and experiences to anyone and everyone.

Now, I’m an avid reader, but not a skillful writer (insert snarky comment here).

So I’m taking advantage of WordPress University — a series of free online courses for the beginner blogger. This post was my first assignment in the very first introductory course: define the purpose of your blog.

For now, I have three four goals. These may change over time.

  1. Keep friends and family “in the loop” on our activities and location
  2. Improve my writing skills
  3. Create an online journal that I can reread in the future, as my memory is not good!
  4. Inspire others to think about the RV lifestyle

I just added that fourth one as I typed this out.

Most of the blogs I am now following seem to be dedicated to aiding current RVers in navigating this new lifestyle, and encouraging those who are on the brink. These folks are masters of the written word (and in many cases, video!) I’d like to learn from them and help grow this new community of ours.

Why are you tagging along with me? Tell me what you’re interested in learning about; it will help me focus and give me some ideas on what to write about next!