Hmm, how to spend a cloudy Sunday in San Antonio? Shawn wanted to find Nemo, so we headed to the aquarium with our new friends Steve and Cathy.


Turns out you can — for an extra fee — feed fish, stingrays, sharks, lorikeet, parakeet, iguana, koi, and turtles! Here’s Shawn feeding the lorikeet. (Warning, turn the volume DOWN first.)


A few more pics.

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It was a fun hour or so for a couple of geeks raised on the live-action documentaries of Wild Kingdom and Jacques Cousteau.

In addition to the various tanks of live creatures, there are a few animatronic dinosaur displays, a bounce house (which required a separate fee), a gift shop, and that’s pretty much it.

At $20/adult, and $1/feeding, this is an overpriced attraction*. YMMV. I did just discover that they have BOGO coupons on their website, which makes the admission more in line with other attractions.


We’ll be moving on to Austin at the end of the week.  I need to finish my other posts about the other attractions we’ve visited! Coming soon…

*Edit: Just found our receipt for the aquarium. I was not accurate in my pricing recap. Regular adult admission is $14.95. You can get $2 off for veteran/active military status. And ten tokens for feeding of the wildlife were $20. Overall we paid $51.85 for two adults (1 military) and ten tokens. Ouch.