When was the last time you could actually feel your life changing?

For the last couple of months, life hadn’t changed much from when we were back in Michigan. I did all the same chores — shopping, cooking, laundry and (rarely) cleaning.

Sure I read more books, and I did have a few wonderful days exploring San Antonio’s museums. Elvis and I got a lot of sun time playing fetch and walking. I attended a great energizing RV Entrepreneur Summit, which left me with more questions than before. (More on that later.) 

But I/we were still spending most of our time inside the trailer, in our bubbles, using the computer / phone / Kindle/ TV. Tonight finally tipped the scales and made me feel like life is different now.

Tonight — I visited the magical hot tub time machine!

Ok, it’s only a time machine in the sense that I got downright giddy and silly like a 10-year-old, splashing in the jets and laughing like a loon when the jets inflated my bathing suit & shorts combo. I’m easily amused.

And as I relaxed some sore muscles and admired the full moon and dramatic clouds drifting overhead, I finally felt like life has changed. We didn’t have a hot tub back home. If we hadn’t sold the house in Michigan and took the plunge into the RVing lifestyle, I wouldn’t be able to lie outside in 70-degree weather in March, basking in the bubbles.

I know that many of my friends back home are struggling without power due to the huge windstorm that ripped through this week. So I realize it may seem a little insensitive to post this right now. (Sorry sorry so sorry!)

But as you can tell by looking back through my blog posts, procrastination — and the allure of another book to read — means that if I don’t type this out now, my thoughts and words may never make it onto “paper.”

I’m not bragging or gloating. Just sharing the realization that the choices we’ve made have allowed me to do something that I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to do. This particular example may seem small, but it means a lot to me. And for that, I am profoundly grateful to my husband Shawn and his hard work to enable this lifestyle.

Despite missing friends back home, I’ll go to bed with a smile on my face tonight and dream of new adventures.


Full disclosure: I haven’t seen the HTTM movies, and am not likely to. So don’t bother to tell me if I’ve made a horrendous choice with the title, mmmkay? I told you this blog was a work in progress!  ;P